Back at the Studio

After being extremely busy with my daytime job and a couple of unsuccessful attempts to continue with music, I am finally back to my studio working on a new album titled “The Mean Season“. Happy to share, that the first single – a cover of Helloween’s “A Tale That Wasn’t Right” is already finished and it features awesome vocals by Craig C.

So, keep tuned and thank you for the continued support during these 18+ months of keeping musically quiet.

The all new Theophagÿst Website

Hey there!

After spending a couple of days implementing my Bandcamp API, I decided to give it a try in the wild, so I created something that I was postponing for a while – a website for my music project Theophagÿst, which utilizes the API on top of VueJs front-end and Node server-side rendering, and also has a few nice features such as music player, some of my Facebook videos and more.

You should check it here. Have a good one!

RESTFul API for Bandcamp

Recently I was thinking of creating a website for my personal music project Theophagÿst with the intention to use the data from my Bandcamp profile. Eventually, I realized that Bandcamp does not provide data API of that type and I was really surprised to learn that, so I sat down and wrote my own solution.

Currently, my RESTFul API for Bandcamp provides four methodsartist, album, track and search, yet I am planning to implement a few more in the next couple of weeks. I also developed a couple of Vue/Vuetify components that utilize and showcase the API.

The API is free to use, you only need to create an API key and start consuming the data.

I hope you will find it useful! Have a great weekend!

The video to “Nineteen Eighty”

A couple of days ago I decided to put aside for a bit my Tony MacAlpine tribute album because I wanted to record a cover version of Joe Satriani’s “Nineteen Eighty”, which is one of my favorite songs in his “Shapeshifting” album. The track came out naturally, easy and pretty quick, so yesterday I also managed to shoot a video. I also included it to my mini album of Satriani covers, available on my Bandcamp profile. Enjoy watching and listening and don’t forget to support your local music artists!

The Next Song to my Tony MacAlpine Tribute Album

Yesterday was the premiere of “Sacred Wonder“, which is the next song to my “Violent Machine: A Tribute to Tony MacAlpine” album. This time I decided not to shoot a proper video but instead added simple visualizations to the music. You can watch it on my Facebook page or listen for free to the songs currently included in the album on my Bandcamp profile. Have a great weekend and do not forget to support your local artists, we all need it!